10 Things You Should Avoid Doing on a Dinner Date

Dinner dates are the foundation of romance. But many daters failed to realize that these intimate dine-outs can say a lot about the success or failure in the dating game. There are a lot of dinnertime deal maker or deal breakers prowling in between the salad bowls and salt & pepper shakers. Truth is , a simple dinner date is more dangerous than a paratroopers dive zone.

Aside from minding your table manners, there are other habits or mannerisms that you should avoid while on a dinner date. After all, you want to make an impression.

Below are top 10 things that you should avoid on a dinner date, tips that will help ensure your behavior on the dining table makes your romance bloom rather than spark off, and a list of the most unappetizing table tactics and the enticing ones.

1.Don’t eat with the speed of a bullet train. Author of Delicious Dating and self-proclaimed manthropologist, Babe Scott said that the way you dine is a metaphor of how you are in bed, or how you make love. So there. You know that the next time you dine, you need to make more eye contact, eat slowly and sensuously. Keep in mind that dining together is a form of building up the excitement or a form of foreplay.

2.Don’t attempt to help yourself to your date’s plate. If you have a bad case of entrée envy, it is still advisable to ask first. You may suggest dish sharing as this is a great way to bond. Remember that these are two different things.

3.Don’t ever,ever talk about unpalatable issues like the latest detoxification  programs of colonic irrigations , your 5-hour root canal procedure or your latest hemorrhoids. Steer clear from mentioning medical-related topics and anything that involves body wastes.  Dining together is about intimacy and evoking poetry, not about bodily processes. Talk things you are both passionate about.

4.Don’t forget to eat. Men hate it when women just chase food around their plate or ordered just a salad. Women, on the other hand can also feel the same when her dates barely touches his plate. Do not make your date feel lonely by making him/her eat alone. Take pleasure in the meal and seek out for the delicious.

5.Don’t be rude to the restaurant staff .Be courteous all the time, to the staff and your date, so you can be perceived as a considerate person.

6.Don’t forget your basic etiquette. Mind your table manners. Scraping the cutlery and eating with your mouth open are the two most common table manner crimes. Remember that the whole objective of dining together is seducing the imagination, so dine accordingly with finesse and a bit of flirtation.

7.Don’t turn the dinner date into a job interview. Women are more often guilty of this than men. Dining is about making connections or connecting, not an inquisition. Let the conversation flow. Forget about mentioning and leaping ahead to wedding plans or your frozen embryos. Be in the moment and let time marinate your feelings.

8.Don’t get drunk. Unless your date is a big movie star with a streak of being a drunk, this is a major turn-off. Do not forget that you are trying to seduce rather than hiccupping into your date’s  ear while you go on repeating the same story over and over again. Savor your drinks and sip slowly rather than using a straw.

9.Don’t imitate Svengali, the villainous hypnotist and try to commandeer the date. But be open to suggestions, whether making it or accepting. Don’t ruin the date by dominating and forcing your date to your preferences whether a menu recommendation or demonstrating a way to eat your food. Be receptive of your date’s culinary viewpoints and tastes

10.Do not refuse dessert. Generally, a guy would only suggest dessert if the dinner date is going better than expected. So women, try to eat at least a morsel. Men, if you really like her, go on and suggest sharing dessert, something you both enjoy and maybe pair it with the wine. This is the most sensual part of the meal and is very symbolic in sharing sweet moments.

Again, the main objective of dining is forging connections. Seduction is key in remembering what not to do or what to do on dinner dates. Remember that first impression is lasting. You might not have another chance to reverse or correct the mistakes you did.

And as an extra bonus tip, since we all wanted to be connected with the world outside all the time through technology, spare this moment. Avoid looking at your cellphone and checking messages. What can be more annoying than hearing SMS tone while on the dinner table or seeing your date checking out Whatsapp or Viber every once in a while. Put it on silent mode or better yet, turn off your connection to the world temporarily.

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