10 Warning Signs You May Be in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Women have the right to live a life that they want. Not because they got married that they would change their whole life and forget about their identities. Even if this is a choice she made, there are still limitations that she has to set for herself, how far she would go for a man. She also need to distinguish the signs of being emotionally abused.

Emotional abuse is as destructive as physical abuse and psychological abuse to a woman or anybody. Below are some signs to watch out for to determine if you are in a psychologically abusive relationship.If you see any of these signs in your life, then, it’s time to make that big move.

1. Spouses who are emotionally abusive wants you all for himself. He will do everything that you stay that way.He isolates you from family and friends. Even if they understand that you have a life outside the life you have inside the house, he denies you of the liberty of hanging out with others. If he prevents you from going out to meet or mingle with other people, then your relationship is abusive.

2. If you heard your partner calls you with some derogatory names even once, even if he says it was a joke, he really meant to hurt you. Abusers usually cover up themselves by putting the blame on you, and that you are too sensitive to his derogatory remarks. Wake up, you know deep in your gut that you are not supposed to be treated that way. Abusers will always make a way to justify themselves saying that it is normal to behave that way and that the one who has problems is you.

3.If your partner always put the blame on others for almost everything, most especially you, then this is a bad sign. If your significant other throws tantrums or verbally attack you, he /she will say that it was because of you. If your partner never take any responsibility or admits faults, then this is not a healthy relationship.

4.Not every abusers do drugs or excessively drink alcohol, but a lot do so. Addiction leads to inappropriate and erratic behavior. Abuse of any kind of substance is a gateway to emotional abuse.

5.If you are afraid of being anywhere your partner, it is an obvious indication that something is very wrong. Abusive partners would try intimidating you  with power, dominant or violent tactics. An example would be putting you in a dangerous situation intentionally or showing off gun collections and telling you that he is not afraid of using it.

6.If you go somewhere or did something without your spouse or partner, an emotional abuser would punish you later for that. The abuser may insult, shout, threaten just because you were not exclusively with him for that matter.

7. Emotional abusers expect you to treat them like royalty and wants you to be a servant willing to do his every whim. They expects you to do everything and will never offer help at all.

8. One prominent trait of an abuser is excessive jealousy. An abusive spouse or partner is most of the time jealous of you, of other people and even jealous of your goals and dreams. His rage and jealousy over this intangible things stems out from their lack of control over that aspect of your life.

9.An abuser is a manipulator. He will try to control you by sulking, threatening to leave you and punish you emotionally for not going with what he wanted. Making you feel guilty is what the abuser would do anytime you try to assert what you like. Abusers will be apologetic and loving at times, but this fake remorse does not last long. He begins abusing you again when they feel they already have you back.

10.Being in an emotionally abusive relationship increase your chances of going to be physically abused. At first, he would exert subtle ways to hurt you like punching you in the arm, pulling your hair, or grabbing your hand so hard it bruised. These should ring a warning bell when this happens. A partner or spouse who has an explosive temper and who has reacted violently before like punching walls, breaking things, may be more likely to abuse you physically .

If you see two or more of these traits in your man, run. You don’t want to wait until the time when you can’t.

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