Confessions of a Frustrated Fashion Blogger

I have been blogging for quite some time now, and I have written almost anything, from my prejudiced thoughts on how men really are, to dating, about my journey from being a “battered gf” and a psychologically and spiritually broken woman to empowering myself. I even wrote about the little boy who used to live next door because I was suspecting his mother was crazier than I was.

My dream job really is to become a travel blogger. I call it a dream job because basically, I have not travelled much in years and now I am itching to travel anywhere! I can write about the little trips and adventure I make from time to time.  But if we talk about frustrations, or what I wanted to write about that I find it so impossible to do, is to become a fashion blogger, or write something about fashion or fashion pieces.

Sometimes, I daydream about wearing something fabulous and have my photo taken  then blog about it. I don’t know if this is just an effect of following too many fashion blogs like An Apple A Day, Tastes Like Coke , The Sartorialist among many others. Isn’t it obvious I love the Sartorialist?

This is me, the girl in jeans and a t-shirt, meeting her local fashion blogger, Apple of Apple and Bees , in their bazaar.

How lucky are those people who get to wear designer pieces without having to buy them. Would you really buy something like a classic Versace dress if you’d just wear it once. Yes you can, if you got the money. But for practical reasons, even the stars in Hollywood gets to wear something they didn’t buy but something their stylists have negotiated with some well-known designers.

What if you can have the opportunity to wear something you don’t want to buy and kept locked in your closet? Would you like your fashion pieces to collect dust? Like shoes perhaps? Or bags? I have been a fashion victim more than once, I used to buy anything that really caught my fancy even though I know I was going to use it only once. It would take more than just proper care to preserve  your classic pieces . Thank God, I am so over that phase now. It’s either I am too poor to buy anything expensive right now, or I have matured and learned how to prioritize.

But I also had ‘separation anxiety’ , not with people, but with things. Okay, also with people, but just a bit. I get attached to things so much that letting go of it requires that I have at least two months notice, but enough time to allow the thought of finally letting go of an old pair of shoes and give it to somebody else, maybe a bit more time for an ex-flame. And so I would always end up with a lot of clutter , some I have used only once, some never at all.

I know some fashion bloggers who would end up with tons of clothing used only once or twice filling up an entire walk-in closet. And disposal becomes a problem. It doesn’t matter how much they love their fashion pieces, they have to let go of some things sometimes. And so, blogger’s sale or garage sale would be the final solution to clutter problems.

Fortunately, because of a piece of article I wrote about the ‘sharing economy’, I can say that my eyes opened up to a whole new concept of clearing clutter one at a time, and earn extra cash at the same time. The ‘sharing economy’ or ‘collaborative consumption’ ( think Airbnb, RelayRides) could be the solution to fashion blogger’s problem and to the others who can’t control their buying urges.And this might also give a solution to those who want to become a fashion blogger, but doesn’t have the resources to bring out a new wardrobe for their blogs weekly.

What I am talking about here my dear readers, is VillageLuxe. I discovered this site when I was researching for my article on the sharing economy. This is an interesting start-up that in my humble opinion, would be able
to give a lot of solutions to many fashion blogger friends.

VillageLuxe is a site that allows you to rent luxury fashion pieces, from Dolce & Gabanna, to Chanel sweaters, Christian Louboutin’s, Roberto Cavalli dresses and many more. If you have a lot of these, you can also
rent out your fashion pieces to the people in your community. The fashion pieces are usually available for you to rent for a week, but isn’t it great if you can wear these for a very small fee and got to keep it in your closet and
ogle at it for a week?

So now, who says I can’t start my own fashion blog?  VillageLuxe just gave me the solution on where
to find luxury fashion pieces for my content. All I need to look for now is a good photographer who would agree to an exchange deal.

Final thought, I would do things just to satisfy my curiosity on how it would be like to do something that I want to do, but not to be something or someone that isn’t me. We only become more effective in what we do, as long as we stay true to ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. Click To Tweet

I’m still keeping the faith,


*This post was first published in Mary Anne Lim’s website on May 26, 2014

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