How to Get the Most Out of Your Airbnb Booking

What do you do when you want to host a small gathering but you don’t want to do it in your house? Or just to go away from the daily bustle of life? Staycation?  What are the other options than renting a hotel?

The sharing economy is really what’s thriving now. I have written posts about the sharing economy about six years ago when it was just starting to pick up. For those of you unfamiliar what the sharing economy is, well, just as the word itself says, it is the industry of sharing what you have with others. Grab, Uber, Villageluxe and Airbnb are examples of companies that are thriving in the “sharing industry”. Locally, we have Angkas, Lalamoves and Jojo Pasabay Delivery.

My first time to use Airbnb was a success. I have known some people who were disappointed with what they booked as not having met their expectations. On the other hand, I have also read about hosts or home owners who are renting their spaces in Airbnb to have some complaints with their tenants like the one I read that the renters thrashed the whole place.

Me and my family was meeting a friend, sort of a mini-reunion and we needed a convenient place where we can have dinner, chill and catch up on things.  So I thought about renting a hotel but the hotel accommodations in my place are very expensive. Good thing I remember trying to check for an apartment or a condo unit for rent in Airbnb.

Airbnb is easy to use. Just download the app and voila, you can start searching for what you really want. I opted for a condo unit that was very near to my location and also my family’s. I have to consider where we will all be coming from so I chose one that would be convenient for all of us.

Sign up for an Airbnb account and get a discount off your first booking.

Before you book, here are some things you need to consider:

  1. Check-in time usually is 2pm or 3pm and check out time is 11 am, depending on the owner. You can, however, ask the owner through chat (in the app) if they can allow early check in. I think some owners would allow it as long as they do not have a guest prior to your booking.  They will need ample time to clean up the unit before they will let you in.
  2. Some home owners or hosts have additional requirements after you book with them. Our host asked me to fill out forms and ask for IDs of the people who were going to stay for the night. This was because the condominium admin were strict about the people they let inside. But if you have guests who would not be staying overnight, you have to inform your host. (This is not mandatory because you have the right to bring in guests , but just as a courtesy to your host, and especially if the building admin is strict with their rules.)
  3.  If you are hosting a mini event or a slumber party, check with the owner’s rules first. You can check the house rules first before you book to avoid any conflict.
  4. Don’t forget to read the reviews. It is your best friend.
  5. Don’t forget to leave a review after you check out. It will help your host a lot in improving her hosting if you were not satisfied. Keep it polite and respectful. Constructive criticism is appreciated if you were not satisfied with your stay.
  6. As a guest, remember to follow the rules. You might not know it but hosts are also asked to review their guests. This will add to your credibility as a renter. No one will want to have their space rented out to you if you have a lot of bad reviews.
  7. Coordinate with your host. It is your responsibility as much as theirs to communicate and coordinate about where to get the keys, where to park, etc.
  8. You can always cancel your booking. Again check with the owner’s house rules how many days do they allow you to cancel and get a full refund.
  9. The rate of the place you have set your eyes on will vary. Speaking to one of the owners, she said that the rates are set by the owners and not Airbnb. So, you may want to book it immediately once you saw the perfect date and price combination. You are never assured of the same rate the next day. First time Airbnb users get a promotional discount code. There are additional charges like Service Charge and Cleaning Fees so expect the rate you see is not the final rate but the base rate. Service charge is at P300.00 (may vary ) and Cleaning Fee comes at P400-P900.
  10. Refunds are processed immediately, but it may take 3-4 working days to have your refund credited to your credit or debit card.

So these are the tips that you need to consider when booking your first Airbnb. Don’t let a small thing ruin your staycation or your family affair. If it’s not big enough to disrupt your sleep or your puts you and your guests in imminent danger, I suggest that you let it slip for now and just write it down in the reviews or let your host know during your checkout.

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