Reframe Your Life with Privé Revaux X Benzo Collection curated by Ashley Benson

The Holiday Season is just round the corner but the weather can still be unpredictable. One minute it’s all sunny and the next thing you know, it starts to rain. This can bring a lot of trouble to anybody who commutes daily. Still, even with the weather’s unpredictability and the traffic that never seem to end, there is still a better way to fight these daily nuisances. Be fashionable! If you are not the type who would take a step further with fashion, start with the very basic, one of which is eyewear.

Most people go out ready with sunglasses. It is a necessity for a tropical country like the Philippines where the sun can get in your eyes and the air pollutants irritating them. This is especially true for people who wear contact lenses.

Sunglasses are a fun way to express yourself, your individuality. The type of sunglasses you wear reflects your personality so be careful when making your choice. Click To Tweet

Privé Revaux provides a fashionable way to keeping you calm and cool while dashing on the streets.

With 3 sunglasses that brings up her true sense of style, Ashley Benson is very proud of collaborating with Privé Revaux in curating top pick sunglasses. Not only did she create this for herself but for also the fashionistas who wants to branch out to a new sense of style. The 3 sunglasses are The Planco, The Victoria and The Olive.

The Planco, named after her dear friend and publisher, is a straight brow bar with an integrated side shield. It is available in 3 colors which are rose gold/ brown, rose gold/ orange, and gunmetal/ black.

The Victoria, is a classic rectangular shape with an angular upsweep. It is also Ashley’s middle name, how cool is that? It is available in the colors caviar black/ black, candy red/ red, splash white/ grey gradient.

Last and certainly not least, The Olive. It has the fierce looking cat eye style yet it is named after her cute little dog. Ironic, right? It is available in the colors caviar black/ black and candy red/ red mirror.

Privé Revaux  want to help you boost your confidence and spice up your sense of style with their specs. Conquer your commute and #ReframeYourself with the Benzo Collection!They do make a very fashionable Christmas gift, right? Head on over to and pick your eye shield!

The Benzo Collection is also available in all Privé Revaux stores.

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