Tips on How to Transition from Corporate Life to Mompreneurship

Mompreneur and the owner of the Home and Business Mom blog, Romela de Leon, is one tough mama. In this article, she wrote about transitioning from corporate life to mompreneurship and working from home. Find out about the challenges she faced, what things to consider and how you can make the shift from working in the corporate world to thriving in your own business.

Given the horrendous traffic in Manila, it’s no surprise that working parents, especially mothers, aspire to quit corporate life to become an entrepreneur. Having a business normally affords one more time and location flexibility. If you want to build your business from home, the more opportunity for you to be closer to your kids and family.

Let me share my mompreneur story, first.

Before I share my tips on how to transition from employment to business, I’d like to tell my brief story first. Maiksi lang talaga, promise 🙂.

I started working in 2006 as an SEO Copywriter. I spent 10+ years hopping from one company to another, mostly BPOs and Digital Agencies. My roles varied from being an SEO Copywriter/Specialist, SEO Director, Digital Marketer, up to Head of Marketing. After 8 years of corporate life, I decided to quit and started working from home. It was also that season when motherhood entered the picture!

I have always accepted freelance, sideline jobs since college. There was also a time when I worked from home as an SEO when I was still single. So freelancing and remote work were not actually new to me.

In 2016, I decided to resign from my role as Head of Marketing of a Canadian company that operates remotely and hires people all over the world. My reason for quitting is because I felt tied to my laptop’s time tracker! You see, my salary was based on how many hours I worked per month – rather than the value I provide to the company. I felt shortchanged and thought that I really do not have time freedom, in that sense. By that time, I have been married for 4 years with a toddler. My husband and I pursued our dream of creating our own work-at-home creative, digital agency. We specifically wanted to hire working parents and freelancers like us because we believe in creating more time for families. 

I did not follow all the tips I’m gonna share with you in this blog post. So I feel that it’s highly important to know these things to avoid the same mistakes I did, hehehe!

Evaluate if this life is truly for you. Talk to your spouse about it.

As I’ve written previously, the home and business life or entrepreneurship in general, isn’t for everyone. If you’re the kind of mom who thrives in the corporate world and you feel that you will be a better wife and mother by having a career in the office, then don’t feel pressured to transition to mompreneurship. I know a lot of amazing moms who carry on with their corporate careers while raising a family.

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